Bird ringing


Birds from the birdringing station 'Schlammwiss'.


I started with ornithology at this station 2011 and I'm still working there. Therefore you can find many species at this place.


Birds from Col de Bretolet.


I went from time to time to the birdringing station Col de Bretolet which is arranged on a mountain at +- 2000m.


I started to ring birds with Christian Stange at the same time I started with the university there. Beside birdringing in the kaiserstuhl I enjoyed some other places too. 


Several experiences in Belgium are summarized in this folder. Luxembourg is working together with Belgium which allow us to work in good cooperation with Belgium ringers.

Peruvian jungle

I went the first time to the jungle 2013. Beautiful places with awesome bird species. I'm really happy I could enjoy some ringing sessions in the jungle


A dream came true for me with the opportunity to join Benoît Sittler an expedition to the arctic. Main work of my side was to control the sanderling nests and ring the chicks.