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Main photos


One of my favourite activities is travelling. I love to come around in the world, to see different places and to work in collaboration with different organisations. You can find more information on the map below.



Since 2011 when I started with photography, birds were always my favourite motive in front of my camera. Together with my knowledge as birdringer and my travels I have a huge collection of bird photography.  



With my passion to travel and ornithology I reach different places which are very often breathtaking or I get into interesting weather situations. I always profit of this situations and take pictures of it.


Minor photos


Mammals gained more interest for me during the last years. While studying them and by serval expeditions I had the chance to get some in front of my camera and to take some nice pictures.


Reptiles are very interesting animals. I am not looking to find specific species. If I find some I profit of the situations and try to get some good photos of them. Have a look by Insects too.



Most of the time I’m in some swamps or at wetlands. Therefore amphibians are always present. If I find some photogenic amphibians with good light and place I use the situation.



Sometimes it’s very interesting to look up in the sky and to see what most of the people don’t.




During site seeings I like to take my time and to observe how people act in normal life which allows good photos. You can find as well photos of shootings in this list.




Plants are everywhere. They’re colourful, impressive or special. Therefor they're always a good motive.



About me

Informations about me, my hobby and my material.

Best of

All my best photos together or sparated in several years.


Different goals I already reached.