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Unfortunately I'm too busy to upload any new blogposts.

Instead of waiting for them to  come, please have a look at Laura's page!


And follow our travel on the map (below)


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Crossing the border to Perú


Our last stop in Ecuador was in Vilcabamba, a lovely village to stay before crossing the border to Perú.

I visited the National Park Podocarpus on my own.


The travel to Perú was a thrilling experience. 


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Cuenca - Searching the perfect guitar, hiking above 4 000m in the PN Cajas and visiting the first Inca site


Cuenca was our second last destination in Ecuador.

We stayed there for 5 days and had a lot of things to do.


We were looking for a guitar,

hiked in the National Park Cajas above 4000m around lakes

and visited Ingapirca, our first archeological site of the Inkas.


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Reserva de Producción Faunistica Chimborazo - Climbing up to 5000m!



The Andes are a perfect place for hiking and to face new altitudes.


Our last record was in Otavalo on the Cerro Negro, next to the Laguna Mojanda 

where we went up to 4200 meters above sea level.   


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Baños de Santa Agua


Baños de Santa Agua is well known for its hot springs, as being the gateway to the Amazon and for the adrenaline sports.


Anyway, we did not do extreme sports

and had some relaxing days to switch off from our (already) 7 months of travelling. 


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