How did it start?

Winnerphoto of the competition in Belgium
Winnerphoto of the competition in Belgium

I started doing photography in the year 2010. To be honest.. it was not really planed...


In the boarding school a friend worked on the pc. I went to him and asked what he was doing. He explained me that he is looking for his best photos for an competition. I was interested and wanted to participate too but I had no camera or something. Only a smartphone. So I decided to make some photos with it to see what will happen. 

(The link of the competition in Belgium -


- Subject biodiversity! I sent 3 photos in but 2 of them got refused immediately. But I was still motivated and hoped that I can win with a bit luck a digital camera.


They needed a long time to say who the winner is and so I forgot to follow it. I didn't know that my school (LTA) was at the revelation with some of my professors to see if the friend win or not (they had no idea that I was in too). One day the principal of my school took me out of the class to talk with me.. I was really surprised and didn't know what he wanted from me. The reason: I was the winner of the competition. I won my first camera (Canon EOS 1000D) and represented my school in Belgium.


After all I asked myself in which direction of photography I want to go? I decided to buy an teleobjectiv (Sigma 150-500 F/5-6.3 ) and started to take photos. I never learned how to make photos.. I learned everything by myself and by talking with photographer friends (Thanks!)