Next adventure is coming!

Hello everyone!

My next adventure is coming closer and I'm really excited for it! I'm looking forward to go back to Taricaya, travelling to Costa Rica and to explore South America with Laura J. for a whole year!

I've to do a practical during 2 months for my university and I can choose any place I want. I just need to be in my subject with nature.

Therefore I was looking for some cool projects and I chose to go back to the place Taricaya in Peru. I already went there 2013 and it was beside Greenland one of my greatest adventures and it changed many things for me. But this time it'll get bigger!


What is Taricaya?
Taricaya is a animal rescue station in the middle of the jungle. It's located 25km away from the Peruvian city Puerto Maldonado. The station is deep in the jungle near the river Madre de Dios and the Brazilian border. They have several animals at this place which are ready to get released in the jungle or which found a better place to live. Many of this animals are arriving as babies or got threaten at their "home" before. It's a very interesting place with many volunteers and experts from different countries (click on the photo below to see photos from 2013). Last time I went with the organisation "Project abroad" there.

I was about 3 months in Taricaya last time. Together with Rachel K. and Mauricio L. we observed the birds in the jungle. They have several activities to catch birds or platforms, like the canopy on the top of the trees, to observe them. Together with this experts we managed to find 7 new species for the station during my 3 months.


What's my plan?
My plan for my big adventure is to go back to Taricaya for 2 months end of August and to work there together with Rachel and the volunteers. After my time in the jungle I'll try to get a flight to Costa Rica. My girlfriend will be there for 3 months to work in a school. When she's finish we'll try to get a car to start with our adventure!

Our goal is to work & travel in South America. I can't say where we'll go or what we'll do.. I just know that we stay there for one year and it'll be awesome!! I'm so excited for this travel and so happy I have someone next to me to join.

P.s.: I don't know how it will be with my internet connection there, so no idea how often I can update news. But keep following ;)