Bye Bye Peru - Hello Costa Rica!

Travelling from Puerto Maldonado to Heredia, Costa Rica needs a long time if you want to travel on low budget.


The weather in Peru wasn't very nice during the last hours. The whole morning was sizzling hot and just half an hour before I was supposed to leave, it started raining. Of course I wasn't at a dry place but in the middle of the street market..


As a result I drove to the airport in a taxi, hoping for my clothes to dry before boarding the plane. The trip from Puerto Maldonado to Lima was easy. Things got more complicated when I arrived in Lima. I waited for hours to drop my backpack and get my flight ticket.. At midnight I passed the security check and the visa office. My flight was at 11 am, I had no gate to wait at and no bed to sleep in. So I did it like every traveller in the airport: I looked for a nice bank to sleep, used my camera bag as a pillow, listened to music and tried to sleep. It was no problem until 6 am when people started moving around and the airport speaker started to remind you every 10 minutes that you have to check by you own where your gate is and that they will not call you. Some minutes later they are calling the people who are about to miss their flights.

In total it's not easy to find sleep at the airport ^^ 


After a 4 hours flight I arrived in Costa Rica. It took me a long time waiting for my visa, getting my backpack, changing my money and passing the customs. After I passed everything I started to get nervous. The reason for this travel was just standing in front of the airport door: my girlfriend. I have never been so nervous and happy at the same time to go out and see her waiting for me with a big smile on the face. She started to wave like crazy that I should hurry up. I was never so happy to see someone after my travels and really enjoyed to see her again after these two long months! From the airport we went to the guest family where she had been living during the last months. 


Note to self: I definately need to practice and improve my spanish! 


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