Baños de Santa Agua


Baños de Santa Agua is well known for its hot springs, as being the gateway to the Amazon and for the adrenaline sports.


Anyway, we did not do extreme sports

and had some relaxing days to switch off from our (already) 7 months of travelling. 


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Baños de Santa Agua (The Baths of the holy water) is well known for the hot springs, as being a gateway to the Amazon and for the adrenaline sports. Jumping from a bridge, rafting on a river and paragliding over the valley are popular activities in Baños.



The city, which is close to the active volcano Tungurahua, is located in the Tungurahua province, in central Ecuador. It lies at an altitude of 1800 meters above sea level and has about 14 000 habitants. 



We were only interested in the hot springs and some relaxing days, a switch off from travelling, in Baños. The only activity we did, was hiking up to the "Casa del Arbol", a swing next to a tree on the top of a hill. This place is very famous in Baños, plenty of people are coming there to swing and to take some pictures. Most of the visitors come by bus or car, only a few are hiking up the mountain. 



The place is very touristic and somehow, everyone wants to take the "swing photo" on the only swing which is next to the tree. People are waiting there for more than a half hour, eventhough there are three more swings next to it, without queues and with the same view. We used this swing and of course we had to take some touristic photos too. 






We had some really relaxing days in Baños.






Same same but different view!