Brown-throated Sloth

How's the weather is your country right now? Here in Vienna (Austria), it’s really cold, windy and rainy. ❄⛄
Also, Christmas is coming closer!Β πŸŽ„
Have you already started to look for gifts for your friends and family? 😊
How about a special gift this year, like a unique photography?

In the next days, I would like to share photos of my travels through Latin America with you - all of them are for sale AND NOW COMES THE BEST PART: I'm offering a special Christmas Sale!😱✨🎁🀩

The first photo (and one of my favourites) is a Brown-throated Sloth from the Peruvian Rainforest. We were told that somewhere up in the trees, there would be sloths - and indeed, after some time, we actually discovered them!
They were close to the trunk and hidden by leaves, which makes their unique natural habitat the frame for this photograph.

Have I triggered your interest?
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I am looking forward to sharing more photos with you very soon!πŸ“·Β