Columbian musicians

~ Columbian musicians ~

Salento, Colombia
Feb 2017

This photo was taken in Salento, a tiny town of about 7000 inhabitants at the height of 1900 meters above sealevel and a well-kown place for travellers who are planning a hike in the Cocora valley with the wax palms or a longer trip in the páramo of the 380 square kilometres big PNN Los Nevados. 
It’s the starting or destination point of every trip in this region. Therefore, this lovely little village is in bloom. An ideal place to relax a bit, to recharge yourself and to enjoy the lovely handcraft shops in this town.

On our last day, we were enjoying a delicious hot beverage made of Maracuja, mango, herbs, cinnamon and anis at a lovely café as this two señores took place on a bench on the other side of the street. They started to play guitar and within short time a big crowd stopped and listened to their amazing music. Unforgettable memories which made Salento to a favourite place in Colombia and during the trip for me.

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