April 2016 - bird photography competition of the Vogelwarte Sempach, Switzerland: Award "Winners of the preselection" 

July 2015 - Offer from the university of Freiburg to join a long-term study in the Arctic / Greenland


March 2015 - Use of my photos for  identification plates at the nature reserve Schlammwiss, Luxemburg


January 2015 - Article in the magazine 'Europa international' about my photography

Nominated for "the daily dozen" in National Geographic magazine

Use of my photos for the student site in Freiburg - SLUF

 April 2014 - Apparition at the 'Planet people' TV show on RTL Luxembourg


March 2014 - Interview with Telecran Luxembourg about my internship in the Peruvian jungle

December 2010 - First price at EUROPEA photo contest about Biodiversity in La Louvière, Belgium