Great Bittern

Lat.:  Botaurus stellaris

Lux.:  Grouss Dommel, Mouerochs

D.:  Rohrdommel

Fr.:  Butor étoilé

Ringing and releasing



This photos are from a birdringingactivity. We didn't expect to get this bird at this time in the net and were really happy! We got him a ring and let him free in the reeds. He didn't move immediatly but tried to use his perfect camouflage. But after a while he moved and fly into the reeds

Perfect camouflage



Okay on this photos it didn't really look like a good camouflage but I needed a bit to discover him. We were in Zeeland / Nederland and watched two spoonbills near the water. More far away the Great bittern came in and landed in the reeds. First we thought it would be a big bird of prey so we decided to  look at him.