Snowy Egret

Lat.:  Egretta thula

Lux.:  /

D.:  Schmuckreiher

Fr.:  Aigrette neigeuse

Fishing Egret



In the first month in Peru, I started to stay during the weekend at the camp. I used the time to walk around and try to find new animals. I found only 1 km away in the middle of the jungle a nice beach. Many beaches arise by the reason of the down going water from the Madre de Dios.

I walked some hours around, found many interesting foodprints of animals and some 'new' birds and butterflies on the beach.

One of them was this Snowy egret! He/She was fishing in the water and I think he/she never meets people before. He/She was not afraid about me and I could lay down next to him/her. I followed interested how he/she fished in the brown water and made some photos.