Whooper Swan

Lat.: Cygnus cygnus

Lux.: Wëlle Schwunn, Wëlle Schwan

D.: Singschwan

Fr.: Cygne chanteur

It's not that easy how it looks



The Whooper Swan is on of the first birds I photographed in Luxembourg after I started with ornithology! I saw clear and close photos of this birds which were roosting in a flooded field. So I thought it would be easy for me too. I was creeping in the field closer and closer to the birds. At the end I made a big mistake (first and last one!). I stand up and walked away and didn't realized that I roused the swans.

After this mistake I started to learn more about how to do photos of wild animals and to avoid that they get roused. Now I know how and I never did it again!